Windy Ridge Farm

Ford Vane/Piston Pump Conversion

Aging OEM pumps of both types have become a major maintenance issue with the NAA, Hundred, and early Thosand series tractors and often fail to maintain prime and/or fail to produce full output pressure and flow. Because service parts are no longer available for the older vane type pump the only recourse for servicing them has been to replace the pump with a rebuilt piston pump. Doing so also requires replacement of the hydraulic lines or hydraulic manifold going to the rear of the tractor and finding the proper parts can be both difficult and expensive. In addition a professionally rebuilt piston pump typically sells for well upwards of $500 and just the parts for a DIY rebuild costs $200. With these issues in mind Windy Ridge Machine has designed a conversion kit which replaces either style OEM pump with an inexpensive industry standard gear pump. The replacement gear pump has a displacement of .55 cubic inches and produces the same flow as the OEM pumps - roughly 4.2 GPM at 2000 engine RPM. The conversion is a simple bolt on replacement. The OEM hard lines are cut off and reconnected to the new gear pump using short lengths of hydraulic hose and tube fittings. The entire conversion can be done in about an hour using just a few common hand tools.

The conversion kits cost $575 and come with a new gear pump, a pump mounting adapter, and all hydraulic hoses and fittings needed to connect the gear pump to the existing hydraulic lines or manifold on the tractor. That price includes $175 core charge for the modified piston pump gear housing and a $25 core charge for the camshaft drive gear that come with the kit ($200 total core charge). Those core charges will be refunded if you return a good usable piston pump housing and a good camshaft drive gear. The vane pump housing is not an acceptable core.

Ford Gear Pump Conversion Kit